Feature interview with SeYdA

There is this particular pesron that is always trying to pick my brain. So this time around I have decided to turn the tables around on him.

Sandiso Mbulelo aka SeYdA is a Street Mag family member but his also a rapper. The rapper side of him is what we were interested in knowing more off. Lets get to know SeYdA.

The Other Guy: We all know that you as an upcoming rapper, making waves around the city and also music correspondent for online magazine. But please introduce us to the man behind this hustle?

Seyda: Um, my name is Sandiso Mbulelo, from the city of East London but I'm grinding in Cape Town. I come from a family of 2 kids, me and my bigger sister. I was raised by a single parent ( like every artist, Lol) . S/O to my mom Doreen Gadangu.

The Other Guy: We know you rap, but when did that all start?

Seyda: It started where I grew up Duncan Village, area 7. The influence of Rhyme Squad worked on me, hence the guys were from my block. Me and my friend Lunga used to go the hall where they used to rehearse all of their stuff and just watch, get home grab my school book and write my stuff. I moved to CPT then I met KG who introduced me to AV and Msij, then S.S.K was formed. 2013 went in as a solo artist.

The Other Guy: So you had a crew called S.S.K and why did it disband? or you just took a break from the team?

Seyda: At the moment I won't say we disbanded or not. There's no communication between the 3 of Us. AV is busy with college and some business stuff his onto. Msij is swamped with work and have some responsibilities to take care of . So, I'm using my own time to take care of my music career and its getting there.

tha real seyda

The Other Guy: It took you 2 years to finish your first solo project, why is that? (you wen solo in 2013 and released Godly in 2015)

Seyda: Godly SeYda is more of a compilation than a mix tape, since we don't have that in Hip Hop I called it a mix tape. Got My Crew and Backlash were laced down mid 2013 or so. 2014 was with my producer Anele Arnold Mbauli ( Primetime ) in studio and we just went through the idea of doing a tape together, he did everything on Godly SeYda, mixing and mastering. After we made We Just Wanna Party I sent it to my graphic designer Vusi Gaqo (Menzi Wezinto) he was cool with the idea and started doing everything from then. Released it this year 17 March on my birthday.

The Other Guy: You seem to have a whole team setup... What is the idea behind that? and are there any other areas you looking to fill in terms of your team?

Seyda: A lot in fact, I need a manager/publicist to actually take care of business while I'm on campus, studio or doing a show. I also hooked up with 2 camerawoman Annen and Miceala from City Varsity and Tshepho from my campus. I'm trying to get a full team, everyone with clear roles, get that work going fast and be out there you know.

The Other Guy: How important is having a team, in building a brand?

Seyda: As I said I'm busy with some other work like college and STREETMAG, I can't be doing everything all by myself. I need a team that's gonna do the work, know when and how to do the work.

Building a brand is one of the important thing in this business, you want people too see your stuff and be like oh shit that's SeYda, that's SeYda's team or some like that. Can't be running on the same place like a DVD player CD slot.

tha real seyda

The Other Guy: Who do you currently look up too ?

Seyda: I look up to Cassper Nyovest's hustle, AKA for the quality of music. But as for my artists, Kid Cudi, King Los, Mr West, Tumi and Kwesta is nice with it so yeah. Primetime of course

The Other Guy: Tell us more about your relationship with Primetime?

Seyda: That's my friend, brother, producer and engineer. I always try to have a session with him even if its once a month and talk about what we want to do and what we have done. The music you hear from me is Primetime produced, he does almost all of my work

The Other Guy: How do you keep focus on the goal and what is the goal for SeYdA?

Seyda: Keep on working, wake up more creative than the previous day. I have +- 4000 tracks on my laptop, listen to the music and take advice's from the people and team. SeYda s goal is to be a international artist , keep making good music and inspire more people, giving back also

The Other Guy: Godly your compilation tape is out. What is next for brand SeYdA?

Seyda: I am working on putting 2 videos out but we will see how that goes early next month. Did a track with Sizzle called My Hood, we still talking about what is going to happen to that, then I wanna add and remove some songs from the compilation and have it printed by November.

tha real seyda

The Other Guy: Before we close it. last 2 questions. You are from Delft, how is the rap scene there and how does it compare to Gugs?

Seyda: Delft movement is slow, no lie. Gugx is not better at all either. I'd say we all getting there together.

The Other Guy: You kinda a Cape Town boy, so how do you plan to put Cape Town on the map because even Durban now is killing Cape Town with the rise of WTF, Duncan, Zakwe and Dreamteam?

Seyda: Just stick to being me and bring the music I believe is gonna get me out there, be creative, collaborate and always leave a space for learning and trying out new things.

The Other Guy: My nigga thank you for availing yourself with us. We will keep on rooting for you. Keep the hustle lets hope we catch up again soon.

Seyda: Thanks to you bruv. I'll make sure the hustle continues as always. Godly

The Other Guy is the Head Creative of Street Mag. His also a music and sport contributor..

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