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The Igazi Foundation Haematology Symposium

17 | 10 | 14

igazi foundation

The Igazi Foundation is a non-profit organisation which lobbies national and provincial government to provide better haematological services in South Africa. They do this by raising awareness and funds for this cause through various channels, such the Haematology Symposium that is coming up this weekend on the 18th of October. The event will be held at the Old Mutual Conference centre, Kirstenbosch, and will concentrate on haematological topics most relevant to GPs. The Foundation is aware that GPs form the first line of defence in the fight against haematological diseases and this symposium is designed with this in mind.

Unfortunately South Africa has a shortage of haematologists, as well as haematological support and advocacy. That is why The Igazi Foundation lobbies for the improvement of haematological services in the country for sufferers, their families and their supporters. The Foundation was founded in the Eastern Cape in 2010 and has grown to become nationally and internationally recognised as the champion of haematology issues, within the broader struggle for better health care services in South Africa. The Foundation is a member of the Cancer Alliance and the Eastern Cape Health Crises Coalition (ECHCAC), both committed to making health issues an important part of the national agenda. For GPs wishing to make reservations or for further details please phone Caroline Rich 082 658 8714. And if you’d like to know more about the state of haematological diseases in South Africa, how it affects you and how you can support this cause, please visit for more information.

Anelisa Nokoyo (writer)

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