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ArtMode 4th Edition: EAT PAINT LOVE #GOBOLD

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ArtMode 4th Edition: EAT PAINT LOVE #GOBOLD


I've missed all editions of ARTMode and It's nearly time for the 4th Edition of ARTMode's : Eat, Paint Love Festival 2015 which is being hosted at The Palms in Woodstock.

I'm not happy for having misses these events and for a sulky moment I wish I could be back in Cape Town in time for the 4th Edition, in addition to some amazing food, music and incredible art installations the organizers of ARTmode have partnered with "Hunters Extreme" who recently launched The new "Hunters Extreme Bold" with Guarana. Hunters Extreme Bold is all about refreshing those who #GOBOLD and share a passion for creative expression and visual art. I've received a Hunter's Extreme BOLD news alert recently and it is what the event organizers refer to as "the silver lining for movers and shakers that only know how to push the boundary and never stop".

In support of this notion, the EAT PAINT LOVE Festival will not fall short, bringing BIGGER artists that are BOLDER than the rest at the 4th Edition EAT PAINT LOVE Festival, which is sure to be BETTER than the last.

With a collective of organizations such as; VANSA, Cape Town Partnership and PANSA coming together in support of ARTMode's 4th Edition: EAT PAINT LOVE Festival, there is no going back. Driven by the artistic heart and fuelled by the power of Hunters Extreme BOLD, the EAT PAINT LOVE Festival brings to life the artist in you.


The Palms 145 Sir Lowry Road Woodstock Cape Town


12th of December 2015.


18h00- till late.

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