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9 Cool Beauty and Household uses for baby oil

06 | 12 | 14


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Kim Kardashian recently did a cover shoot where she had a lot of what seems to be baby oil, I remember the goal was toe break the internet and those nude image trends for a good selection of hours even on our South African twitter.

Now I am a make-up user and I, like a number of women own a bottle of two of baby oil for some of my make up needs, true to the fact that baby oil isn't just for babies. It is most probably the most useful thing to own for around the house uses too, But I will not suggest you make use of it when you are about to hit Clifton 4th beach for a little sun bathing session.

The most interesting uses of baby oil are:

Makeup remover

I started reacting to facial wet wipes some time back and baby oil came to mind because i once read it works, basically ladies there is no need for the expensive makeup removers, just grab your bottle of baby oil, your cotton pad and wipe your face clean. A totally quick, gentle cleanser.

Happy Nail Cuticles?

Yes keep nail polish off your skin and cuticles, applying a little oil around the edges of your nail with a cotton swab while you paint your nails. Then, when your nails are dry, the excess paint will rub right off...

Shaving with added Moisture

Lock in moisture while you're shaving by using baby oil instead of a store-bought brand or (worse) your body soap. Perfect for anyone with sensitive skin!

Around the House use :

Soap Scum Buildup

Use baby oil on your shower to remove soap scum and prevent buildup. You can also put it on your shower curtain to create a barrier, this will probably be too much but trying it out might not hurt much...

Tangled Necklaces

There's nothing more frustrating that a tangled mess of necklaces. Add a little bit of baby oil to the worst knot and rub it around, it'll grease up the chains and untangle in no time.

Gum Situations Solved

Have you stepped in gum? or for some strange reason you have gum in your hair? Saturate the the gum mess with baby oil for a minute and then wipe it away or comb it out, this applies to natural African hair too, I tried it, a bit silly of me but I don't like writing without trying something on myself, once you have soaked your hair in oil, remove the oil with some white vinegar to counteract it!

Dusting around the house

Apply a small amount of baby oil to your clean dusting rag and dust in circular motions on wood surfaces. Once you're done, go over the surface again with a clean cloth for a flawless finish.

Stuck Zipper

If you're battling with a zipper that will not move try applying baby oil to both sides of the zipper with a cotton swab and work it back and forth several times. It should loosen up the hack so you are able to zip up and down.

Polishing those shoes

Keep your leather happy and looking great by using baby oil as a shoe polish. It's perfect for polishing surfaces because there are no harsh chemicals in it.

So let me know about your home remedies or some cool facts and uses of household items.

Via @Tankiem (JHB editor, writer, MD)


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