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Calvin Klein Store Launch Review

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This past Thursday I got the honor of attending the Calvin Klein store launch in South Africa at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Calvin Klein hosted a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of their new store and invited prominent and famous people in the media and fashion industry. And your eyes and ears, myself, was there to bring you all that was happening as I conversed and sipped on a glass of champagne and let my night go by swiftly.

As I made my way to the Waterfront, I packed all that my mama gave me in what I thought would do (don’t even ask) and made my way to the venue. The V&A Waterfront is one of the most famous, largest and prestigious shopping malls in Cape Town, and possibly in South Africa.

From the entrance I was met with loud cheers of conversation and cameras flashing. I make my way into the crowd and I could not help but notice the sheer sleek details in the décor and design; from the wood finishes, the glass and the tactile finishes. Pure class; but then again Calvin Klein is one of the leading fashion houses in the world. One would not expect anything less than perfection from their events.

As I roamed around, trying not to look stupid and out of place, I noticed the men collection of shirts and tailored suits; the rich colours and very slick and masculine cuts that resemble sophistication and anything that comes close to defining the perfect gentleman. Oh, did I tell you I spotted Maps Maponyane? Yes! Oh my, I was almost ready to embarrass myself for a few seconds there until I had to collect my groupie self. Jimmy Nevis was looking quite yummy in there, too (pardon my perverted ways).

The night went by quite quickly as the music played swiftly in the background with conversation humming about like a well composed harmony. I think the cocktails and that champagne may have cause people to loosen up a bit. That was the point, after all, for people to enjoy themselves. I got a rather satisfying surprise when I saw a more gentle-manly Danilo Acquisto, formerly a presenter on Hectic nine9, as he conversed with the ladies. I could not help but feel drawn to his calm demeanor and young charm (it’s not what you think haha).

My highlight of the night was seeing the one and only, Da Les. He just sealed it, dripping in swag. I was more than ready to embarrass myself for an autograph but somehow, I was just too chicken. Nonetheless, it was a great party. I’ll make sure to grab, at least, an autograph the next time I spot someone famous.

Retail: Calvin Klein, Floor 1, V&A Waterfront, Breakwater Boulevard, Cape Town 8002

Telephone number: (021) 418 1185

Trading hours: 9a.m – 9p.m

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