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5 Things Siki and I Spoke About

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Siki Msuseni

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Siki Msuseni is a blogger, fashionista, creative and aspiring business owner. It's funny how it took Joburg to actually put us together for a cosy little sit down and coffee. See are both Cape Town girls... Around the same industry but have come to live cities apart.

We would briefly interact at these fashion socials or product launches. Nothing notable just the regular, "How have you been" and "are you enjoying the show" sort of conversations that the blogger circles tend to kick start with. Being the recluse that I am, I tend to avoid conversations and would always just sit or stand in one spot with Lisa or Anelisa and we would have our own comfortable and familiar chats.

I loved the fact that Joburg, allowed both Siki and I to actually talk, catch up, interact and be familiar, I was also on the same day introduced to Nolu, who is friends with Siki and we all really had a good calm and fun day. Siki was here for academic reasons and stayed for a few weeks, Nolu lives in Joburg too and works at a large media company. I've been living in the city for a little over 1 year and there is pending news that I might have to go back to Cape Town soon.

We spoke about so much, but these are 5 things Siki and I talked about that i would like to share....

1. School

Siki is currently doing her "final" laps around her education. I'm always fascinated by my peers who are currently getting their education status sorted in mainly fields of interest such as Art, Design, Business & technology.

With our discussion I had no choice but to admire her commitment to completing her current studies

2. Blogging

The funniest thing here was that we referred to ourselves as dinosaur bloggers, we are part of the old breed of bloggers who have experienced both PR dramatics and the "free" life of glamour. I think because we have experienced the South African bloggers industry in such dramatic light, we both have an opinionated approach to the lifestyle and the undercurrent career of being a blogger.

Siki Noluvuyo Tanki

What did come from this is that, as a blogger, you make your ends-meat through other channels, like I consult for a few brands as a marketing person and she has clients of her own that are not really linked to the blogger lifestyle. The truth is, we have to support our lifestyles and locally it's a small number that has cracked it but mainly because they entered blogging through traditional media. We as the digital dinosaurs started on digital.

3. Business

The business of businesses, as much as life has a number of categories I really admire young black woman in business, Siki is one of them, she has goals. Has drive and yes currently is uder-motivated, shy and pensive about her grand plans.

I do however feel confident that once she is done with school she will have to confidence and hunger to start forth with her pending business plans and move forward in her direction of intention.

4. Joburg

She must come live here, I think out of everything we spoke about regarding the city and it's dark and gold energy, it's hustle and bustle the perfect summery of this part of our conversation was that after school, SHE MUST LIVE HERE!!!

Siki Noluvuyo Tanki

5. A Pro-black future

I personally see Siki as an Art director of some of the countries most profound visual content on platforms such as Television, Print media and online.

I feel that as a woman of colour she has so much to offer the industry of her choice and that at any given time, once she takes on her journey, she will become nothing but great.

There is so much to Siki and I feel my words will never do justice to her character and strong sunny personality. Being a person who takes preference to dark moods and somber energies of my own, spending the day with such a bubble of sunshine was near damn amazing.

Also getting to meet Noluvuyo was uber awesome. I'm certain Lisa has fun too walking with us around the Braamfontain and Park Station parts of life.

Tanki EM is the JHB Street Mag editor and founding editor of CPT Street Mag. She is the captain.

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