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Jewellery designer, Anna Raimondo presents “Due” for SMITH

17 | 03 | 14

Anna Raimondo presents Due for SMITH

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We live for pretty little things that add to our day to day look for work, for a date or even just a little social with friends. Cape Town tends to be the home of creators of the most amazing pieces of jewellery. This week I look at works from Anna Raimondo, a Jewellery Design and Gemmology graduate of Stellenbosch University who completed her design journey studies with a Master of Design scholarship in Milan, Italy, at the Richemont Group’s Creative Academy where she gained invaluable skills on the creative process, accessory design, marketing and the world of luxury.

After a three-month internship as a designer for the world-renowned fashion brand Chloe and spending 2 years working abroad she returned to Cape Town in 2010 and started SMITH and brand that is now the perfect platform for her to share her creative interpretations of her travels, the different cultures and environments that she has encountered along the way. Her work dances around the challenges of having to fuse organic materials and sensations with intricate designs and techniques and that is also what really fascinates Anna.

The SMITH brand houses and creates simple, elegant, timeless designs with a little bit of a kick! This translates into bold, feminine, lightweight sterling silver, brass and copper jewellery that is crafted 100% by hand, ensuring that no two pieces are the same.

Her current collection called "Due" meaning 'two' in Italian is a combination of these her two heritages. For this collection Anna has chosen to combine traditional beadwork with bold, highly polished brass, and semi-precious stones to create her unique interpretation of those two worlds. With the stunning pieces available for purchase on her online store, Anna goes on to say, "I've been thinking about this collection for as long as I can remember. As a proud South African, I have always been strongly influenced by the beautiful shapes and colours present in the art and design of our diverse indigenous cultures. Of course, being of Italian descent, I have also been lucky enough to have been exposed to the sleek and bold design of Italy's style icons of the eighties."

With the new season just around the corner, think bold and beaded with SMITH for you stunning look for a day out and about...

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