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Celebrity instagram round up

05 | 04 | 15

dj loyd, stiaan louw, sibas table, Farhaan Behardien

image: instagram

It's weekend two of my Cape Town Celebrity Instagram round-up and I am really starting to enjoy it, I do have to say however Cape Town based entertainers and celebrities have been hiding out on Instagram.

This week alone I actually struggled a bit to see what who here has been up to and I didn't want to feature the same people that I've featured last week. Maybe in a fe weeks we should do this together as readers, let me know who you want to see featured on the Social Media round-up and what they got up to which was eye-catching for that week.

I did find some gems however with images from sports players, DJ's and television personalities.

This past week Siba shared a reminder of her show "Siba's Table" on the Foodnetwork DSTv channel 173 where this week she did fast feasts, to be honest I really would love to see more images of here cooking

Siba's Table

Fashion Designer and creative talent, Stiaan Louw on his Instagram account shared his latest work of Flared Tweed trousers modeled by Sabastian Sauve and photographed by Steve Marais, there was another image that caught my attention but I really had to go with this one...

stiaan louw

DJ Loyd this week has been busy as always but what did catch my attention was his call out to Cape Town Matriculants who might stand a chance at winning a styled MKM Style Experience, it's a competition I think young guys should really enter... And all the best to the entrants, competition closed on the 18th of April.

dj loyd

Cricketer, Farhaan Behardien was a busty of humor on social media this week when I saw this image of him posing with a friend wearing a green pair of tights and an over-sized hat...

Farhaan Behardien

Do keep your eye out for next weeks, celebrity re-cap... It's obviously going to a be a whole lot of post-Easter weekend shares

Have a good week ahead everyone and do check out for the Jozi roundup.

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