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A Collaboration To Be Heard P&P and Da Les

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Collaboration P&P and Da Les Poppin

Are you one of those people that missed it or did you catch it?

Mr Saturday Night Surgey or should we be calling him Mr Afternoon Drive now, Roger Goode on his show recently dropped a song that could very much signal the summer is here in South Africa.

Roger Goode on his show called "The Roger Goode Show" on 5FM dropped a new single that is yet to be released from the trusted production duo from Cape Town Pascal and Pearce. The vocals are handled by the rapper that is introducing South Africa to the new Mandela currency, Da Les. Roger Goode loved the collaboration so much that he played it twice in 30 minutes. Talk about making an impression on one of South Africa's most trusted DJ's.

The name of the song is called "Poppin" and will it end on our playlist soon. Your job as soon the song drops for the public, support the artists by buying it.

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