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It just gets better and better. Just a couple of months ago I was the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2014 and we’re only two months away from another one! The countdown continues. Promising to give you all the relevant info about this event, I first have to say, the last one had me high up in the clouds. The bass from the speakers vibrating through my chest, not sure whether it was heart palpitations or what, the rain which poured upon us as we danced the night away, the energy from the crowd as we dined and fed ourselves with the sound of electronic dance music. Man, it was RAD! Rad is somewhat an understatement. Whatever word you can come up with to describe an indescribable feeling? Yeah, that’s how it was.

The festival kicks off on Friday, the 6th of February at the Grand Parade in Cape Town and runs until the 8th, on Sunday with a massive line-up of local and international acts.

As always, the CTEMF commences with music workshops for young musicians who want to or have made it in the music industry. These workshop will start from Tuesday, 3rd February until the 5th of February, which will be on a Thursday. As a young creative brother or sister, make sure you’re a part of these workshops.

The line-up has not been confirmed yet but it should be out soon, and trust ME to inform you about it. The early bird tickets have been out already. Make sure you get yourself one before it is too late. See all my electronic dance music fanatics there. It should be banger.

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By: @Simply_Mandz (writer)

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