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New Music: We Just Wanna Party by Seyda

07 | 10 | 14

seyda we want to party

Our very own Seyda has released a single for the summer. The name of the song is called “We Just Wanna Party” produced by Tweezy. The song features Mystik Millz who takes the second verse and the singer is believe it or not Primetime from ExHoza.

Let me start with what I enjoyed about the song. “We Just Wanna Party” is a nice to listen too song. It's a perfect club and radio hit that can be on rotation. It's not your typical Cape Town song where a rappers believes they have to go hard. People also tend to enjoy the easy to the ear content as well even in Cape Town.

The thing about this song I heard it before it was released and I was asked to give my opinion on the unmastered version. The truth is I enjoy more the unmastered version of the song, that version consisted of only Seyda and Primetime. Had this been the remix version I would say the contribution of Mystik Millz added something dope to the song. Do not get me wrong he sounds good on the song but a few African lines there and there would have been great for the song.

Due to the song being all English I do not see it removing any of the Jozi hits at the moment. Even L-Tido these days has Nguni lines in his songs. Overall it's a dope song but it missed something to make a great radio song. Had I not heard the unmastered version I would have probably liked the song more.


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