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New Video: We Are Not The Same

17 | 10 | 14

we are not the same driemanskap ifani

Driemanskap finally dropped their long waited summer hit, “We Are Not The Same” featuring the Eastern Cape rapper iFani. Cape Town hip hop is not as active as the Jozi scene, we can safely say at the moment the crew from Gugulethu, Driemanskap have the music video to beat in Cape Town.

Driemanskap has never really released a terrible music video since the release of their debut album in 2009. The guys always like to tell a story in their music video. As much the video does not seem to say much, the words “We Are Not The Same” and the SA flag in the background in the main frame of the video talk loudly. The truth is even this collaboration are rappers who are actually not the same in the hard Xhosa rapping crew and the funny Xhosa rapping individual in iFani.

The statement this time around is that Driemanskap has evolved from comparing themselves from their Cape Town campriots. Driemanskap are a national brand and they are telling the masses that they are unique do not compare them to other rappers that are killing it. In their own lane they are best but if you do compare them to other rappers, they are still rapper.

The best scene in the music video has to be Redendo part with the motorbikes on the background. Compared to the current hot videos not, this video wont be up there. They did deliver a pretty workable video though. As I stated in Cape Town hip hop scene they are the guys to beat but its not much to beat.

The biggest disappointment was iFani. iFani had the best verse in the song, pretty much catchy and very different from the other guys. It was pretty cool that iFani sticked to what he knows and did not try to out rap the crew from Gugulethu. The disappointment was the styling of iFani. People have come to see iFani as one of the most stylish musicians in South Africa currently in his own unique way.

”We Are Not The Same” makes the warming up to Driemanskap's sophomore album after 5 years since the launch of their debut album. In that 5 years the guys have been working hard with international and national tours including some notable collaborations.

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