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Ikasi Experience 06Dec review

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This past Saturday, I decided to go to the Ikasi Experience which I had only gone to once before this one. It’s generally a free event, celebrating the townships and everything good about it. If you’ve been to one you’ll know that you’ll most definitely see vendors, people playing soccer, food stalls and you’ll also get the performances and so forth. I think it’s a very good initiative and a great way to uplift young and coming potential business people and/or social innovators.

Disregarding the fact that I was late on the last Ikasi event, but, upon my arrival it was very packed; outside and inside the venue. Cars were parked everywhere. There was little space to move about inside, or at least where I was standing which was directly in front of the main stage. This is not an insinuation that the recent event was not as jam packed as the last one but it was more relaxed with a bit of grown up people as compared to the last one.

I am pleased with the fact that there were not a lot of children at the event, though that might defeat the whole purpose of Ikasi and everything it holds but it is rather much nicer when you’re not bumping and jamming next to a six year old child next to you as you try to turn up and enjoy the performances or as the people who have been drinking outside the venue make their way inside as evident that alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the venue.

Another thing, this time the event had an entrance fee which was quite rare and I think was because the founders were bringing in famous artists like Reason, and Youngsta who undoubtedly killed and murdered their performances. However, there was a point where the gates got locked and people could no longer go in. I don’t know if that was to control the crowd or not, because of what had happened the last time when people pushed their way in when the Ikasi Experience had to shut down. Incidentally, a lot of cars could not make their way out of the venue peacefully as pedestrians were all over the place trying to get into the venue while most probably intoxicated.

Before I ramble on and so forth, let’s just talk about Reason for a minute. Never mind the fact that he is handsome and all things swaggy, but let’s just chat about how great he is as an artist and the fact that a famous rapper like him took the time to go and perform in the location and as one would expect, gave a great performance. I have maximum respect for him for trying to kill the stigma that is attached to famous people who have made it in anything but give unsatisfactory performances in the location because they look down on them or whatever the reason may be for half felt performances. Youngsta also gave an amazing performance and kept the crowd going.

Oh, the blackness in me came out when Audiojerk was playing some house tunes. The crowd went ballistic; with the help of a great hype man on stage giving out orders and telling us to sing along to the most famous tunes. Got pushed a few times while trying to get my groove but it didn’t matter! I was having the time of my life.

I would like to give props to Sir Vincent and Loyiso Mdebuka for Ikasi Experience. They have done an amazing job with growing the concept of young social innovators and township upliftment. All in all, I was pleased with how the event went and hopefully the next Ikasi is going to be bigger and better. Of course, I’ll be there.

By: @Simply_Mandz (writer)

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