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SeYda's Weekend Events

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SeYdas Weekend Events

I reckon December 6 will be the busiest day in Cape Town this year, lot of events going on, rad line ups.

Experience is taking place at the same venue as the last time, regardless I wasn't impressed last time but I'm most definitely attending this time around. The cover charge of R20 seems to be dropping the hype for the event but we will see how it goes. With the Motif mc Reason on the line up you don't wanna miss it., Youngsta and Ill Skillz are set to blow the stage.

From Lookout Hill(Kasi experience) I'll dash to Students Vibrations On Gugs Summer Picnic which is happening at NY 1/30 Tankiso. Line up consists of me, the #GodlySeYda, Sibah Anne, Phixx and Ntiro, Treasure, Nastro will be on the decks. You'll be charged R80 at the gate, ticket cost R50. Cooler boxes allowed.

Last event is the Hype Magazine 10th Anniversary happening at The Loop, Reason, Youngsta and Ill Skillz are expected to kill the show. Ticket will only cost you R100.

By: #ForeverSeYda (writer)

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