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Event Review: CTEMF2015

17 | 02 | 15


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A windy kinda hot day in Cape Town as we wrap up Cape Town Electronic Music Festival with style in City Hall. A jam packed event as always, sound out of this world as it disturbs the CBD a little with everything proper. Even though I was hours late I managed to listen to Charles Webster's set which was after Lazaruz & Jazzuelle which I so wanted to see but missed it because of reasons beyond my control. Cape Town native and my friend, Audio Jerk, had a chance on the Friday spot from 17:30 to 18:30, it’s quite a big move because DJs from the township or “hood” don’t normally get such big opportunities in festivals like this unless they’re exceptionally good. You already know what that means about this guy. I bumped into him Sunday evening and he was so amped about his performance and the whole show.

When I arrived Charles Webster was jacking the CDJ's; it was so rad and evil bruv, even though he complained about being tired. I exclusively had a chance to speak to him about this years event and he said, "Except the load shedding, everything is on point again this year; the crowd and the standard is super awesome and I would love coming back again."

Load Shedding, load Shedding (Bored Face). Power went off whilst enjoying a super dope set by an Australian band, Private Life, but came back 10 minutes later. Apparently Kevin from Mix N Blend sprained his ankle Saturday night but I'm pretty sure he is recovering. Burn To Tape came in with a bang but failed to maintain it as the performance went from a hero to a zero. Crazy White Boy very own Ryan Murgatroyd entertained the crowed afterwards.

First bumped into him in the media room and we had a chat about his set, he was so confident and cheesy about it which makes me see why. February 8. 21:30, Culoe came on stage with his set which featured electro and deep house. Dancing wasn't an option when the Soulistic signee was on decks. He kept it up town and ghetto with his set and accommodated everyone on the crowd. Octave One was another disappointment for me, the crowd decreased as they went on stage, after 5 minutes of their set people started to hit the road as they were the last acts on the line up.

#CTEMF2015 was my first and is definitely not the last time I will be attending, really felt like I was there since Friday while I had the Sunday pass only. I so cant wait for next year’s show and I hope it will be an outdoor event so we can soak into the beauty that is Cape Town and the wonderful views of the famous Table Mountain.


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