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Introduction Of Godly By Seyda

03 | 07 | 15


Facebook & SeYdA

Street Mag's very own @ThaRealSeyda aka SeYdA recently dropped his first music project called "Godly". Without being bias please go listen to it, you would agree with us that it is worthy of a number of mentions and ears. The Godly mixtape consist of 10 songs produced by young upcoming producers from Cape Town and as far as East London.

One of the recently released singles by SeYdA called "800 To My City", the artists introduces us to his birth city East London as Cape Town is his adopted city. The other single released by SeYdA is called "Greenlight" and it is one of the featured songs on Street Mag's #RoughDiamonds collaboration music project.

SeYdA is one of 9 artists to be featured on Street Mag first music calloboration called #RoughDiamonds the #LPb4EP. The Music project is an EP consisting of 4 songs and the artists in the project are artists Street Mag believes will blow up South Africans in the next year.

SeYdA started at Street Mag a few years back as a music writer for CPT Street Mag and through his maturity in 2015 he became the overall Music Editor for Street Mag Media (CPT and JHB Street Mag). The question to be asked is whats next in 2015 from this young man. Along with us wait and see as for now check his music on this link here and catch him on this social media platforms.

Facebook: Sandiso Mbulelo

Twitter: @ThaRealSeYda

Instagram: @ThaRealSeYda

Have a Godly day

by Tanki EM and The Other Guy

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