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Jimmy Nevis starts a charitable foundation

17 | 06 | 15

The Blue Collar Foundation


When talents include good deeds to their list of interests and activities, we are bound to pay attention. South African pop star and our very own Cape Town kid, Jimmy Nevis (22), has announced news of his be charity foundation called "The Blue Collar Foundation".

"Blue Collar was the first song I recorded for The Masses album. The lyrics were inspired by a quote that my mom would always say to me through the hardest of times. 'I don't know when, I don't know how, but we have to believe.' This is the mantra of the Blue Collar song and also what the Blue Collar Foundation hopes to instil within the Cape Town community. " - Jimmy Nevis

The Blue Collar Foundation is a philanthropist initiative that hopes to inspire and create change among the youth of Cape Town. The main focus is to assist in creating opportunities that encourage the youth to dream beyond the means of their social-economic backgrounds.

One of the first projects to be launched by the Blue Collar Foundation is the J. Nevis Bursary that will contribute towards the funding of an underprivileged high school student(s) seeking tertiary education, within the Humanities faculty at a Western Cape institution. The bursary is effective for the academic year 2016. This will be a project that will continue to be a focus of the Blue Collar Foundation.

The official launch of the "Blue Collar Foundation" is due to happen in Spring 2015. Keep an eye out for the website which will be going live towards the end of June for more information regarding the foundation, other projects as well as an online application forms for the J.Nevis Bursary.

The sky is forever never the limit for those that believe beyond that point. The heart sees what it wants and the mind takes on the task of projecting that and presenting it to the masses. So far that is Jimmy Nevis and a number of young South Africans who want to go beyond any limit set by mankind.

We look forward to co-sharing the young talents charity work with your as the reader.

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