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#LoveIsOn | Meet Mr & Mrs Dean Fuel

29 | 09 | 15

Meet Mr & Mrs Dean Fuel


I adore these two power people remarkably, their the business and their the love, their absolutely what "relationship goals" are made of and they have been so for years.

I don't know both of them but I've come to know them because of the chosen fields of work. Dean (Fuller) is a DJ we featured on Street Mag Media Cape Town a few times and stalk on social media. He is well travelled, much loved and has a passion for his work in the music industry so strong, it resonates from his social media timelines and what others around the globe say about him. Funny enough we religiously stalk this DJ and all the original entertainers we featured back in 2009. He stands out in the music section and this is through his work ethic and industry background and growing klout.

"Sam is the woman of power, laughter, ambiance and a modern level of classical grace one can see every time you meet her."

This was the introduction I choice for a feature article I wrote about Sam 4 years ago, she is a power house with intelligence and a candid spirit yet an air of warmth surrounds her. While living in Cape Town, I was fascinated by her PR and artists management company, I appreciated her attention to detail and also the people she hired seemed to have the same nature with detail, I appreciated how Hype media would bring out the best in venues, artists and build brand reputations and identity through the smallest of actions.

This past weekend the two got married and the visuals of this union are everything my tiny little heart weeps at. The perfection, the simplicity, the laughters, the energies of their guests and them as a pair, literally reaches out beyond these images and reminds you that love, in this day and age can be as magical as you wish it to be.

Congratulations you two... May your amazing journey carry out an enteral union of hearts, souls, bodies and mind.

by @Tankiem

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