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#BASMC | Moshito and BASMC Embark on a Musical Union

18 | 08 | 15

Moshito and BASMC Embark on a Musical Union

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Some business deals work well, when people decide to work together in the market. Instead of competing for that market, collaborating could bring more success. We see this with done by artists all the time locally and internationally. The strategy of working together to achieve the bigger picture.

In 1931 under the guidance of Lucky Luciano, The Commission was born. Lucky Luciano was a crime mobster that saw an opportunity in working as a unit instead of competing. The 5 New York Mafia families and some Mafia families from Chicago took organised crime to another level in that meeting. The legacy of that meeting is still felt by the world to this day.

My point is this, just like The Commission benefited the American organised crime. The partnership between Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition and the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference will have major benefits for South African music industry.

This was what Sipho Sithole the Chairperson of Moshito had to say about this strategic partnership “This partnership between our organizations allows for the best utilizing of skills and thought leadership to drive our music industry forward. We will work as a united front harnessing our combined strengths to make a positive impact in the lives of artists in our country. ”

The two parties will share information and knowledge on how best to help artists in South Africa (Africa). One thing comes to mind this spring unlike last year the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference will take place in Cape Town instead of Johannesburg. Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition will continue being in Johannesburg. Both events will take place in September with Moshito commencing on the 10 - 12 September, followed by Breath African Sunshine Music Conference from the 30th of September until 1st of October.

These 2 events will be taking place, in different geographical territories. Something important to mention, earlier this year a women's based music conference took place called The Pink Revolution co-founded by dj Zintle. The Pink Revolution is listed as one of the partners on Breath African Sunshine Music Conference and dj Zintle was one of the speakers at last year’s event. The question is will we hear of another formal partnership in the near future? :-)

About Moshito:

Moshito, Africa’s Premier Music Conference and Exhibition, will be celebrating its 12th year since its inception. The event will take place from the 10th to the 12th of September 2015 and this year’s theme is 'From Kwela to Hop: The Great South African Songbook'.


Taking place during Cape Town Music Week, the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference is urging the South African entertainment industry to come together this year on September 30th and October 1st, at the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town in Gardens, to share knowledge and inspiration for the good of the industry at large.

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