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Nescafé Red Mug Sessions 2015 are here

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As Nescafé continues to inspire people to start something through this year’s Red Mug Sessions as they kicked off in Cape Town on the 26th of March at the Piano Bar marking the start of the 2015 campaign where up and coming artists are given a head-start as they perform with legendary musicians.

The idea behind the Nescafé Red Mug Sessions is both developmental and holistic for guests who share a passion for music and coffee, the events are designed to present an artfully curated performances by featured artists sharing their own musical journeys. The line-up of diverse musicians started with Simphiwe Dana for the launch of the sessions, Melo B Jones and DJ ID (Akio Kawahito). A Barista presented and shared recipes for the exclusive array of decadent coffee-inspired cocktails all containing Nescafé coffee as the key ingredient.

The Red Mug Sessions are a perfect platform to promote artists’ music and inspire coffee and music lovers to start something and blend what they do with what they love.

“Last year, the Nescafé RED MUG Sessions infused diverse musical sounds and brought emerging and talented musicians to the forefront - reinforcing the aspirational theme that anything is possible with passion, drive and a cup of Nescafé to awaken your senses,” Says Rudo Nhaca, Category Marketing Manager for Nestlé Coffee.

I asked Stephanie 4 questions about the Nescafé RED MUG Session, that will help you get involved as an artists and understand more about the sessions.

How does one participate as an artist for the Sessions?

Artists can send their profiles to or to; or if they happen to be at the event they can talk to either myself (Stephaine or Rorisang)

How often will the Nescafé Red Mug Sessions be held?

We typically hold the Red Mug Sessions every second month, but the calendar for right now is as follows:

  • March
  • April
  • May
  • July
  • September
  • November

    • What is the artist Criteria, Requirements ?

      • we are looking for emerging artists, unsigned - artists who do not have an album out already and who would not have an opportunity to perform on a platform like this without the Red Mug Sessions.
      • Headlining artists who are seen as professionals of the industry (like Simphiwe Dana, Gloria Bosman, HHP and more)

      • What is the end goal of the sessions?

        The Nescafe Red Mug sessions are all about igniting a sense of passion and creativity that inspires creatives and their consumers to get something started. By creating a platform for emerging/up-and-coming artist to perform alongside some of South Africa's greats, on a professional stage; within a seamlessly blended collaborative platform, where their unique stories can be told and showcased in a unique and intimate musical presentation.

        We look forward to more of these sessions, artists and live performances with a warm red mug on a freshly brewed cup of Nescafe and will keep you posted on all events and date schedules. Also looking forward.

        @TankiEm (JHB Street Mag editor, Street Mag Media MD & Editor-in-Chief)

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