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New Music "Stay Focused" by Patty Monroe

28 | 05 | 15

stay focused patty monroe


Miss Patty Monroe has landed in Jozi and she collaborated with a young producer from Jozi called Muzi in order to give birth to her latest single. The single is called "Stay Focus" and I will be honest I love the song.

Her last single "High Fashion" got a lot of attention and I have to be honest again, I actually find "Stay Focused" better of the 2 singles.

Listened to song and tell me if Patty is not actually there dopest female rapper in the country at the moment.


I will not critic this song, just listened to it, by me saying Patty is there dopest female rapper at the moment in the country is enough critic. A scary thought is that she will only improve from here but I cannot wait to start saying she is one of the dopest rappers in SA and not mention her gender.

@The Other Guy (Street Mag Family member)

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