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New Video: Back In The Day by De Hofnar X Goodluck

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New Video: Back In The Day by De Hofnar X Goodluck

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Can I just move back to Cape Town :-(. Better yet could I just go back to the past, when my boys and I had no life responsibilities and every weekend we would just go to the beach.

In "Back In The Day" Goodluck duo of Ben and Jules team up with Dutch dj and producer De Hofnar. The song is beautiful and it's a perfect theme song for the South African festive season. #OnRepeat.

The music video seems to me shot in 2 countries in South Africa and Netherlands. The music video has 3 story lines.

The first story is 2 girls (they so beautiful :-)) and a guy probably they were best friends back in the day. They seem to rediscover their friendship and do some fun things that only people in the coast understand.

The second story is of De Hofnar, when he goes play at a small venue and he enjoys that interment set.

The third story is Jules and friends including Ben. The Goodluck duo seems to be on a road trip to some coastal town.

I enjoyed how this music video was shot, made me miss Cape Town. My favourite scene is when the wind blows Jules hat off, the expression on her face is classic. My favourite shot is around 1:28 when the surfer is getting into the water, well done production crew. Lastly Jules hair is so dope.

As I conclude, the are various way to interpret this song. One it can be friends rediscovering their friendship again. The other could be 2 ex's actually giving they failed relationship another chance. My personal interpretation is living what you love, and sometimes as a person due to various responsibilities we can live to pay bills or be enjoying that fat cheese we get at the end of the month. Than end up forgetting to live for what we love as we had intended in our younger years. Hence I view this song as not only a festive theme but a misfits theme as well.


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