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#SAMA XXI: Beatenberg's Night Not So Rosey

23 | 04 | 15

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Beatenberg were the act that made everyone’s conversation on Sunday thanks to them taking home 6 SAMA’s. That being said, the conversations on social media were not entirely all positive.

The indie band from Cape Town attracted criticism on social media for apparently forgetting to say thank you to DJ Clock. In the end they finally said thank you to DJ Clock but the damage was already made.

I got to know about this indie band from Cape Town before “Pluto” took over South Africa. One thing that the song did was to put the band in the fore-front of all races in South Africa. To attribute their rise solely to DJ Clock is pretty much premature for not crediting the group for their own talent. Since that song Beatenberg has released other singles that became hits and only house fans only know of DJ Clocks follow up single before Pluto what was DJ Clock rotating on airwaves? After Pluto what did DJ Clock rotate on airwaves?.

Yes they need to thank DJ Clock for the bands mass appeal but in that song they did not hide behind DJ Clocks production. On vocal ability the band did justice to the song and that set their careers alight.

Before “Pluto” came out can people actually remember the last time DJ Clock actually had a hit that got South Africa into a frenzy. While DJ Clock should be credited to giving urban appeal to Beatenberg, people should give Beatenberg the same respect and credit as the Cape Town band that gave a reviving to DJ Clock as a hit maker producer. Beatenberg also gave DJ Clock mass appeal from the urban market.

The marriage of Beatenberg and DJ Clock was one of those marriages that everyone got to win. With any marriage we never know what happens behind closed doors.

Saying thank you is a good gesture and a person can easily forget what they had planned to say at the winning podium as nerves start creeping in. In the end Beatenberg did say thank you like a partner declaring their love for their other half publicly, when they won one of the 2 most important awards on the night. To say that Beatenberg would not have been a force without DJ Clock is premature. To say that Beatenberg would not have dominated the SAMA’s without DJ Clock, I'll agree. Traditionally white people at the SAMA’s only win Best Rock, Best Pop and Best Adult Contemporary.

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