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YoungstaCPT on the SA Hip Hop industry

30 | 06 | 15

YoungstaCPT SA Hip Hop industry

I saw this today and I really thought we should share it too...

I won't write much from my side because any opinion I might have of the industry is really reserved for the small circle I keep. Mind you I have a sh!t load on what I could but won't say so the relevance of this speaks mostly in a relatable manner....

"If you've payed any attention to the SA music industry you'll notice some artists have taken it upon themselves to write open letters to the game (Kwesta, TUMI‚Äč etc.), I've seen that this can be beneficial in getting a certain message across that cannot be expressed in the music being that it's more personal. What I've decided to do is put my open letter in music video form & release it. Coming off the SALUTAS video hype, today's #VisualVrydag is very different. I've released a video & a song you've NEVER heard before. I'll address the SA Hip Hop industry from a young colored Cape Townian rappers' point of view. WARNING, this will offend the squeamish but it's 2015, not 1993! It's bout time to wake that ass up!" From YoungstaCPT


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