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05 | 01 | 16


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I find it funny that the Minister of Basic Education while being proud at the amount of kids that passed matric and got tertiary entrance but there was no mention of #FeesMustFall.

Those kids this year will be tangled into this movement directly or indirectly. So I find it funny that this was not addressed. It's pretty immature from the government even to think that ignoring #FeesMustFall is a way to go.

While there maybe a difference between grade 11 and tertiary. There is no difference between grade 12 and tertiary in South Africa, so why exclude the biggest subject that will affect these kids. The minister going on about students that qualified for tertiary but yet not addressing the issues the students will face in tertiary.

To the students that passed from Street Mag, well done. To the matriculants of 2016 as whole, if you can pass grade 11, you can pass matric.

There is a music video I found inspiring from a UK artist going by the name of Little Simz and the song is called "Gratitude". The song itself does not pay homage to #FeesMustFall but it a motivational song. The music video pays homage to #FeesMustFall movement.

It would have been great to have a South African artist also paying homage to #FeesMustFall as well. Truth be told education fees is not a South African but a world problem that the world accepted to be right just like taxes. It is a crime not to pay taxes but not a crime to brutally intimidate students and financially exclude students.

Little Simz thank you and we hope you come back to South Africa soon because your fanbase here will increase.

"Oh, broken homes and lonely souls is all they know,

All they've shown is courage despite the circumstances,

Time is passing by, stars command the sky,

Don't play dumb by asking why,

You already know how all the stories involve",


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