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Sex Toys You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

07 | 10 | 14

Teddy love

In this age of sexual freedom, nothing says sexually free like the sex toy. The use of dildos dates back to ancient Greece if not further, archeologists have discussed whether the “batons” that they have found from prehistory are in fact not batons but dildos. The general idea of a sex toy is the dildo or fleshlight, but the market has grown and here is the first of the four sex toys you wouldn’t believe actually exist and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind trying.

Introducing the Vibrating Teddy Bear.

Yes, you read right. This toy looks innocent enough, but press a button and innocence will be the last thing on your mind. The teddy has a vibrating nose and a tongue for…, well you can imagine what the tongue is for.

Its manufactures bill it as the discreet sex toy for ladies. It looks like an innocuous teddy bear but is so much more. It has different settings for its vibration, and is made of high quality fur. It definitely puts another element to being a plushy. Plushy or not this is an ideal toy if you are looking for discretion. It retails at around R1000 on the teddy love website.

Next week we will be looking at the Lovense sex toys for long distance.

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