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Death by a 900 character DM

17 | 08 | 15

Death by a 900 character DM

So back in June, Twitter warned us about their changes and stuff!. I was hoping it won't happen because I'm still trying to get used to the Twitter update with the strange looking Reply, Retweet & Fav section so in my head I already told myself, THEY WOULDN'T REMOVE THE 140 character limit on Adam.

Well, they did....

All in all get ready for people you follow to drop the longest chapters of their creeping ways, their life stories and their never ending woes into you DMs, because as of this week Twitter has officially dropped the 140-character limit in direct messages. No more to the point DM's of some "hey, how are you" or my Fav's "hey I like you, wanna chill some time?" Naaaaah boo, none of that will take place. Now a person will flat out tell you about their feelings... They will break that sh!t down proper to you and ask for nudes in the same damn DM. The ladies with the fire Instagram accounts will now be getting hit up on Twitter DM with a damn essay:

" hi, how are are? I'm good and I think I like you so much, I've been checking out your Instagram and I started following you there last week, I've always followed you on Twitter because I've always liked you, but now that you have an Instagram and you are showing off how perfect you will be for me to date I couldn't help but take this moment to tell you how much I like you and how much I really think we should hang out, maybe even date, and I realized I don't want to write this on you last Instagram bathroom selfie where you were still wearing that white fluffy gown because I'm private and I don't want people reading my feelings for you out like that, so I think this option of sending you a Twitter DM is much better and I think we will relate more. Also that photo that you shared three days ago with the swimsuit is very nice, I like it,and I feel I know you even more after that so can you please send me nudes twice a week? Thank you, love The Creep with a Creep Life so Deep"

(990 characters in total)

Ladies, I'm sorry but your Twitter direct messages are about to look like an email assignment from I don't know where... Twitter still states that the 140-character set up will remain for the rest of the service, but does refer to longer DMs as “more powerful and fun,”

I am honestly looking forward to the first tweets from the "Twitter hotties brigade" about a (2100 character) DM that slid into their DMs

By: @taniem (JHB Street Mag editor, writer)

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