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The Afternoon Express Monday to Friday on SABC3

30 | 04 | 15

Bonang, Jeannie D and Bonnie Hena

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A few days ago I heard wind of three South African women in media hosting a show on SABC3 this morning it's all confirmed as a new show hosted by Bonang, Jeannie D and Bonnie Hena Monday to Friday at 4pm, taking on the previous spot of 3talk with Noleen.

Afternoon Express is a 45 minute lifestyle show hosted by the reigning queens of South African television, Jeannie D and Bonang Matheba, along with seasoned actress and author, Bonnie Mbuli. The Afternoon Express will make its debut on the 4th of May at 16:00 on SABC3.

The show is explained as a fresh approach to giving women an opportunity to interact and engage daily, gaining many ideas from cooking, fashion, health and even finance – the producers of the show aim at inspiring viewers to take the courage, try something new and become their best selves.

The wonder women hosts are proud of the show they will be representing as well as combining their collective star power.

“I’m very excited to be part of this experience and to be doing a new show with my Top Billing family. This is a winning formula that keeps growing and growing.” Via Jeannie D

“I am really excited to be stepping into a new terrain with SABC3 and the opportunity to co-host with Jeannie D and Bonnie. We can promise you, it’s going to be daytime television like never before.” Via Bonang Matheba


Hosting is a first for Bonnie Mbuli who has long been a fan favourite in popular drama series. Her candour in her book, Eyebags & Dimples, as well as on social media puts her in good stead alongside her dynamic co-hosts.

“I’m so thrilled to be one of the hosts; it is a great concept and there is so much to look forward to. I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time for television in S.A – I can’t wait!” Via Bonnie Mbuli.

With some exciting surprises in store for viewers, Afternoon Express is going to be sexy, inspirational and definitely on trend. The show will boast live music performances, competitions and real-time audience interaction via social media. This new direction is perfectly in line with SABC3’s vision according to channel head, Aisha Mohammed.

“Afternoon Express is a first for South Africa and for SABC3. To combine fun interaction, practical advice as well as engaging conversation into one show is definitely taking the quality of programming to the next level and we are proud to have this kind of uplifting and empowering content for women as part of our offering.”


Patience Stevens, MD of Tswelopele Productions, sums it perfectly, “We hope that making a date with Afternoon Express will be making an appointment to have fun. We have three of the country’s most talented presenters, we are very excited to have this opportunity and we are looking forward to this challenge.”

To be part of the fun, watch Afternoon Express, Monday to Friday at 4pm only on SABC3.

I look forward to this show... This might mean I actually have to buy a TV again and I have been stalling about it. Congratulations to the production company for grabbing such a star power host trio.

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